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From your finest home theater projectors to your bedroom TV,
there is hidden potential waiting to be unleashed!

db_Latest_201The time is now to take your system to the next level.

All of the programming that you watch on your system is produced using exacting standards.

This insures that a director viewing film shot on location, a special effects team in Hollywood, and a telecine artist transferring the film to video all see exactly the same picture.

The same standards apply to consumer televisions and projectors, but the results can be disappointing.

Manufacturers use default settings that present a “competitive” picture, adjusted to impress you under the harsh showroom lighting, and to look “better” that the other brands placed nearby.

Your home environment is never the same as the showroom, which leads to the disappointing image.

You need professional calibration to bring your display to up to the same exacting standards as are used by the professionals who made the movie or TV show you are watching.

When you have us come to calibrate your system you are getting:

– Assurance that your audio and video systems are optomized to perform at 100%.

– Calibration using the finest, and most advanced, test equipment.

– 20 years of experience in calibrating at the highest levels

Video Calibration
Unleash your video performance

Your video system's performance will come to life! You will experience new colors, new sharpness, new detail, new clarity, with our professional calibration.

Audio Calibration
Unleash your audio performance.

Let our professional audio calibration unleash the full potential of your system. The sound in your room will amaze you, and come alive in a whole new way.

System Consultation
Create the perfect system

Take the mystery out of designing your system. With nearly 20 years of experience, we will work with you to make your dream home theater come true.